How Yoogen Works

Experience total relief from period cramps
in under 5 minutes by applying the strap to your inner calf.

  • "It worked for me. My pain stopped about 2 minutes after I applied Yoogen. It really worked!!!"
    Sandra R., Nurse's Aide - West Palm Beach, Florida
  • I was woken up by cramps in the middle of the night and as usual was about to take a pain pill, but decided to give Yoogen a shot anticipating to be up anyway. Five minutes later I was fast asleep."
    Lina K., Speech-Language Pathologist - New York
  • "My cramps and my back pain were gone within three minutes. I used it the next day again and it worked the same; my pain was gone."
    Huma K., Housewife - West Palm Beach, Florida
  • "My God - 25 years of monthly chronic pain - gone in a couple of minutes! I didn't think it would work. Unbelievable."
    Angela R., Pharmacy Technician - West Palm Beach, Florida

Reusable Adjustable Portable
Side Effect Free Lightweight

It works based on the principle of acupuncture but doesn’t press on specific acupuncture points. Instead, the strap targets a specific area between acupuncture points. Pressure on this area dissolves pain in minutes.

Acupuncture was established around 3000 years ago and all the points are described in literature. An acupuncture  point is a single point in a fixed location.  Knowledge of acupuncture enables one to find the  point based on a person’s own physical height.  Acupressure is the use of pressure on an acupuncture point whereas acupuncture is the insertion of a needle is an acupuncture point.

Yoogen uses an area that is tender and consists of 2 tender points grouped vertically together. Unlike acupuncture, these tender points are not fixed. These two points vary within an area, vary from person to person, and even in the same person can vary in location month to month.  The relationship to acupuncture is the fact that these tender spots are on a meridian used in acupuncture and are between 2 known acupuncture points.

While the points in the literature have been found to work, the pressure on this unique combination of spots that Yoogen targets cuts period pain quicker and more effectively than traditional acupuncture.